Each week, the Afterparty  (our wild VIP FB group) starts right after the chat, usually around 10pm (EST.) 
Most of us head there right after the chat. We talk about the week's topic (yes, it's lit, yes, it's no-hold's barred,  yes, it's R-rated) and anybody can submit their own confession, either a written or a FB Live version. 

To submit, just go into the Afterparty and enter a post with your confession. If you'd like to do it anonymously, we suggest joining the group under a fake Facebook name (we see you, John Doe!!!) and post using that name. If you'd like to do your FB Live video anonymously be creative, we won't tell.



1 - You cannot use a celeb's name (unless it's a funny version) either as a pseudonym (fake FB name) or in your confession. We don't wanna get sued and neither do you. Hopefully.

2 - You cannot use any real names in your confession, EVAH. For your protection and ours.

3 - This is an R-rated chat (and Afterparty.) No porn, no nudity, no exceptions. This isn't Penthouse Forum bitches!

4 - No trolling whatsoever. You will be banned for life.

5 - Have fun!