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Each week, the chat kicks off with a topic and confession* about that topic from one of the hosts or a guest. Here's the schedule with date, topic & confession contributor. Check back soon. The schedule updates frequently.  To join the chat,  type #BlerdDating into the search bar on your Twitter page. REMEMBER TO INCLUDE THE HASHTAG #BlerdDating IN EVERY TWEET SO YOUR TWEETS SHOW UP IN THE CHAT. 


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By incredible cosplayer/writer @talynnkel



CONFESSION BY: TAYNN KEL (@talynnkel) TaLynn Kel is a published essayist, educator, and cosplayer. She uses her enjoyment of cosplay to examine social and structural issues of American culture through the lens of pop-culture fandom. Having been an active participant in the cosplay community for thirteen years, TaLynn has a unique perspective, especially as a fat, Black, woman and has been featured on NBC for her approach to the art. She has also been interviewed by outlets such as The Mary Sue, Rolling Out Magazine, Brit & Co, and Ravishly.

TaLynn is an avid essayist. Many of her essays have been published by numerous websites, including Huffington Post, The Establishment, Fabulize Magazine, The Curvy Fashionista, Black, AlterNet, Everyday Feminism, and Black Girl Nerds.

TaLynn is an active and adept public speaker. She creates new content that she presents at various cosplay and fan conventions throughout the year, talking about the intersections of race, gender, size, ableism, and sexuality. She has presented at conventions like DragonCon, MomoCon, and the Atlanta Science Fiction and Fantasy Expo as well as serving on panels at the previously mentioned convention plus Mid City Micro-Con, BlerDCon, and Blacktasticon (formerly known as SOBSFCon).

TaLynn curates new content constantly throughout the year for her interview show, Time Out with TaLynn Kel. She attends multiple conventions to interview Black creators. With 40+ interviews under her belt, TaLynn has created a catalogue of Black-created content with commentary on the work directly from the creators.

In addition to the above, TaLynn cohosts the New Wakanda podcast with Sorghum & Spear creator Dedren Sneed and Route 3 creator Robert Jeffrey II. The podcast talks about the lift of being a Black creator, real time with real information about the hustle.

TaLynn’s work to curate and interrogate Black-centered spaces is evident in all of her work. She is always on the search for additional opportunities to exchange information and promote Black creators. She is not afraid of challenging norms and doing the work to build a better society, one that tells the truth about its past, works to end oppression, and seeks to include all its members in its future. For all things TaLynn Kel you can follow her on social media and at her website:

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GUEST HOST: Paul Notice (@thenoticeblog) Paul Notice is an Emmy award-winning documentary producer and journalist who focuses on telling the stories of people of color, LGBT people, immigrants, the working poor and other marginalized communities. He's a proud alum of both Georgetown University's School of Foreign Service, and NYU's Graduate Dramatic Writing Program. Notice is best know for his creativity in storytelling, filmmaking, and video production. His experience as an award-winning playwright, along with a relentless passion for detail and quality is what led him to win the 2017 NY Emmy Award for Best Short Documentary for Elite Daily's Broken Windows Documentary. With over 12 years of journalism and video production experience, he has edited & produced hundreds of videos with MSNBC, Elite Daily, Fresco News, and other media outlets. As an actor, Paul earned the 2010 GLAAD Award for his performance in "She Like Girls," the City of Trenton 2011 Certificate Of Appreciation for his role in "Samuel J and K," and The 2009 Dr. Richard Floyd Gaffney Award for his play "Nicole and Anthony." Notice’s recent work includes performances in the dark short film "Toast," being host of "The Notice Blog," and Ben in the web series "You Can't Die Here." He currently works as a freelance producer with Elite Daily, as well as the Executive Producer of The Notice Blog. And just moved to Kenya!!!

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GUEST HOST: Geek Soul Brother (@geeksoulbrother) Geek Soul Brother is a Christian time traveling dude that grew up in the 70s loving Science Fiction Fantasy and horror. As a kid, he fed off a steady diet of films and tv shows, comics and fantasy art, Saturday Morning Cartoons, kung-fu flicks and music from icons like George Clinton and Queen.

In 2011 this half alien / half Blaxploitation brother started a blog - The rest of the world may have known him as Henry, but GSB entered the expanding community of geeks, nerds and blerds with one mission - teach young people about Classic Scifi and fantasy from back in the day, and put the old head geeks onto new and cool things coming out in today's pop culture.

The blog covers film reviews, trailers and commentaries about the intersections between geek culture, ethnicity and gender among other topics. From there GSB started a podcast with the help of his friends - Geek Soul Brother and the Five Nerdy Venoms - to continue to spread his message. You can also find him on Youtube as well as his other social media. Twitter is his favorite playground where he talks about superheroes and wormholes, and also leads his followers on a group live tweet of old and new Sci fi movies under the hashtag #SaturdayNightSciFi.


GUEST HOST: TIMOTHY JONES (@tdj6899) Timothy Jones is a writer, educator, and pundit of hip-hop culture and youth development. Timothy is a lecturer and Hip-Hop Scholar in Residence at Teachers College, Columbia University. His writing credits include contributions to the anthologies, “Be a Father” and “Souls of my Brothers.” Timothy was one of the founders of The Cultural Initiative Inc., which developed and implemented the Annual Hip-Hop Conference at Howard University from 1991-1996. Timothy’s commitment to youth and hip-hop development are evident through his work as a workshop developer developing hip-hop based programming for after school programs and schools throughout the Washington Metropolitan Area and beyond.

For the past 20 plus years, Timothy has been working at Martha’s Table, a community-based organization in Washington DC. Timothy has been an innovator in the integration of Hip-Hop Pedagogy and Youth Development as pillars in establishing after-school and summer programs for middle and high school students. The youth in Timothy’s programs are engaged in projects and activities that develop their 4Cs creativity, critical thinking, communication and collaboration skills that can be used in any academic, social and professional setting.

Timothy is the Chief Visionary Officer of #HipHopEd and the curator and moderator for the weekly “Cyber Cypher” twitter chat presenting timely discussions on education, hip-hop and youth development that serve as professional development for educators, parents, practitioners, and youth. Timothy is a Hip-Hop Ambassador and curriculum resource contributor for #ScienceGenius, a hip-hop and science education initiative.

Timothy is an ordained minister at The Believers Worship Center in Maryland. As a Minister and Hip-Hop Pundit, Timothy has created Lyrics and Scriptures which is an approach to engaging youth and adults in activities and discussions around the intersections of spirituality and popular culture. Timothy is a graduate of Howard University with a BBA in Business Administration with a concentration in Accounting and is married with two children.