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First Monday of each month at 9pm (EST). 

Each episode, the chat kicks off with a topic and confession* about that topic from one of the hosts or a guest. Here's the line-up. Check back soon. The schedule updates frequently.  To join the chat,  type #BlerdDating into the search bar on your Twitter page. REMEMBER TO INCLUDE THE HASHTAG #BlerdDating IN EVERY TWEET SO YOUR TWEETS SHOW UP IN THE CHAT. 


* Contributors retain all rights to their confession. 

NEXT CHAT: JUNE 3, 2019 HOw my awkward crush turned into an even more awkward obsession



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GUEST HOST: DR. VIBE (@drvibeshow) Dr. Vibe has been the host and producer of his own award winning online show The Dr. Vibe Show™ for the last decade. He has done over 1500 interviews with people from all over the world. His conversations were the first and and only online show to be regularly featured on the popular U.S. based men’s website, The Good Men Project which has 2.5 million unique visitors from every countries per month and 6 million page views per month. He dominates the Internet when it comes to hosting intelligent and entertaining conversations. His main mission is to peel back the layers of the mainstream media to reveal the positivity that is often clouded. 

The Dr. Vibe Show was the winner of the Best International Blog category at the 2012 Black Weblog Awards and for three years was a finalist in the best Best Podcast Series category at the Black Weblog Awards.

In June 2015, Dr. Vibe acquired his Empowerment Coaching Certificate so he can help people reach their goals and dreams. He believes that the more empowerment that you have in your live the better life that your life that you will have and the better you can help others. 

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GUEST HOST: GEEK SOUL BROTHER (@geeksoulbrother) Geek Soul Brother is a Christian time traveling dude that grew up in the 70s loving Science Fiction Fantasy and horror. As a kid, he fed off a steady diet of films and tv shows, comics and fantasy art, Saturday Morning Cartoons, kung-fu flicks and music from icons like George Clinton and Queen.

In 2011 this half alien / half Blaxploitation brother started a blog - The rest of the world may have known him as Henry, but GSB entered the expanding community of geeks, nerds and blerds with one mission - teach young people about Classic Scifi and fantasy from back in the day, and put the old head geeks onto new and cool things coming out in today's pop culture.

The blog covers film reviews, trailers and commentaries about the intersections between geek culture, ethnicity and gender among other topics. From there GSB started a podcast with the help of his friends - Geek Soul Brother and the Five Nerdy Venoms - to continue to spread his message. You can also find him on Youtube as well as his other social media. Twitter is his favorite playground where he talks about superheroes and wormholes, and also leads his followers on a group live tweet of old and new Sci fi movies under the hashtag #SaturdayNightSciFi.