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First Monday of each month at 9pm (EST). 

Each episode, the chat kicks off with a topic and confession* about that topic from one of the hosts or a guest. Here's the line-up. Check back soon. The schedule updates frequently.  To join the chat,  type #BlerdDating into the search bar on your Twitter page. REMEMBER TO INCLUDE THE HASHTAG #BlerdDating IN EVERY TWEET SO YOUR TWEETS SHOW UP IN THE CHAT. 


* Contributors retain all rights to their confession. 


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GUEST HOST: ANGELA T. JONES (@BestSuperWoman) Angela T. Jones is a published author, a gifted speaker, a credited movie producer, and the Detroit Correspondent Blogger for Six Brown Chicks. She has experience in radio, Artist Management and other areas of the entertainment  industry. Angela's last book “Breaking Through the Black Ceiling”, which is a guide for black entrepreneurs struggling to reach black consumers, is a tribute to her late mentor and Detroit Fashion Designer, Mark England.

Since 2008, Angela has been featured in articles in Rolling Out Magazine, Salon World USA Magazine, Detroit CEO Magazine, Front Page Detroit, Newsvine, Houston Business Examiner, The Network Journal, BlogHer, and BLAC Magazine, along with several others. Angela Jones was listed in Who’s Who In Black Detroit for her accomplishments in 2012, 2013 and 2015, was nominated for the Michigan Chronicle’s 40 Under 40, and was the recipient of the first Confident Woman Award.

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GUEST HOST: M’SHAI DASH (@mshaidash) M’Shai S. Dash is a writer, blogger, and digital content creator from Washington, D.C. She began writing music, poetry, and fiction as a child, and developed a passion for speculative fiction after reading authors Dean Koontz, Toni Morrison, Frank Herbert, Leslie Marmon Silko, and Stephen King, and watching shows like Star TrekStargate SG-1Outer Limits, and X Files. Enthralled with the imagery and fantasy of those stories, she noticed that there were still few characters that looked like her in most of what she read and saw. Fortunately, her father played tenor saxophone in the avant-garde jazz band, Sun Ra Arkestrah, and through her exposure to their film, Space is the Place, Dash became enamored with the visual aesthetic of afrofuturism and black sci-fi. 

Upon graduating from the University of the District of Columbia, Dash began to discover a more diverse spectrum of emerging voices in speculative fiction, which inspired her to explore surreal themes in her own writing. Her personal blog, The Traveler’s Dash, is an astronomy-themed open diary that examines the challenges and triumphs of her own intersectionality as a queer, black, Muslim woman in America. 

Today, many of Dash’s efforts, writings, and talks are centered on the ways in which art and literature can serve as tools for survivors of sexual violence, but she continues to write and speak about the power of combating harmful, hegemonic narratives. Her commitment to dissecting social justice and human rights issues through the scope of speculative fiction by examining the work of authors from the African diaspora prompted her to write about the impact of those narratives on American popular culture. As she continues to navigate a cultural landscape that is becoming more inclusive of black, brown, native, immigrant, and LGBTQ storytellers, her goal is to further highlight these groups' ongoing efforts to gain agency over their representation in popular media, and celebrate their achievements.

Her writing has appeared in BlavityFor Harriet, and Madame Noir, and her most recent short stories are featured in The Scribes of Nyota: Our Voices, Our Imagination, A Compendium, and in the Awakenings Foundation online magazine. Dash is currently a staff writer and content curator for Black, an online magazine that follows the contributions of people of color in sci-fi literature, comic books, visual arts, t.v., and film. She also co-hosts Black Sci-fi TV, a public access television show which airs on PhillyCam. You can keep up with her on social media and on her website: