Dear Guest Host,

We're all so excited you're guest hosting #BlerdDating!  Wanted to give you an idea about what to expect.

The chat starts promptly at 9:00PM Eastern. So be prepared to start then. 

As guest host, you'll comment and RT as the chat progresses. MOST IMPORTANT THING: YOU MUST INCLUDE THE HASHTAG #BlerdDating IN EVERY COMMENT--otherwise no one in the chat will see what you're posting. 

Some people comment with funny remarks, others personal, others political. Whatever you're feeling.

The easiest way to participate in the chat is on your desktop or laptop using TweetDeck. Below is a link that explains how to set-up TweetDeck for the chat (it's the first part of the FAQ)--and how to set it up from your smartphone. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask. —-> 

This is how the episode will go:

1- Intro--Beginning remarks. We'll introduce you and tell people what the episode will be about.  This runs till about 9:07pm EST

2- Twitter Story. A brand new story (we call them “confessions”) about the topic will be live-tweeted.  Most people jump right in commenting/RT’ing on the story as it happens. We encourage you to do the same. It's A LOT of fun. Please do NOT add your own confession here. But feel free to comment /RT anything (we liken it to Black people at the movies—the movie being the Twitter story). This runs till about 9:30pm EST

3- Group Q&A. We'll ask everyone in the chat questions about the topic. We'll specifically address some to you. This runs til the end of the chat, 10pm EST. Unless we have a celebrity guest, in which case Q&A ends about 9:45pm EST.

4-Interview. Occasionally we interview a celebrity guest. Their interview lasts until about 9:55pm EST. If there is no interview, we just continue with the group Q&A till the end. 

5- Closing remarks. 

Let me know if you have any questions at all (I can be reached at .

We're really looking forward to this!