1 - How do I participate in the chat? 
Easy. Just type #BlerdDating into the search bar in Twitter, click SEARCH and you'll be good to go! If you're accessing it on a phone, make sure you click SHOW ALL TWEETS.  To comment/participate in the chat,  type the hashtag #BlerdDating IN EACH TWEET. That makes your comment show up in the chat. We’re on the first Monday of each month.

Or, if you're using your desktop or laptop, we suggest installing  TWEETDECK.  This is the preferred way to participate. Once installed, click on the plus (+) sign in the middle of the left-most column.


That will create a NEW COLUMN.  Then click SEARCH


and enter #BlerdDating.  



Go through the process one more time, but this time, click the PLUS sign, and click MENTIONS (don't click SEARCH), which will set up a new column just for your mentions.  Your mentions column will show you if someone is starting a convo with you. 

You're good to go!  


2 - Can I participate if I’m not a blerd? 
Absolutely! YES! And tell your friends. We are completely inclusive. Unless you’re a psycho.  And in case you were wondering what a blerd is, it's shorthand for "black nerd." 

3 - How can I submit a confession? 
Contact Leesa @chilltowntv and she'll go over the deets with you. We scour the earth (ok, ask our friends) for confessions and there are formatting/scheduling considerations. But if you feel you have a great story to tell, please be in touch. 

4 - Can I copy the confessions on my blog (or anywhere else)? 
Nope, nope and nope!! The hosts who wrote the confessions retain all legal rights to them. Globally. Period. You can post a link to the Storified page where the confessions live. 

5 - How exactly does the chat work? 
There are 7 regular hosts and Leesa (@chilltowntv) & Hollie (@HollieHarper5) moderate each week. Plus, most weeks there are Guest Host (celebs, internet personalities, great storytellers or just our friends who have incredible dating stories). We’ve also had plenty of celeb Special Guests pop in for an interview! To see which celebs have been on #BlerdDating, go to our schedule page. 

Each week, there’s a dating-related topic which is the theme for the chat. At the beginning of each episode, there's topic-related confession (i.e., Twitter story). Each line of it is numbered so you can follow along sequentially. Then the floor's open to Q&A and later, an interview with the guest. Everybody's encouraged to comment/interact throughout.  

IMPORTANT: We want the vibe of this chat to be like a bunch of friends sitting around kicking it, drinking a glass of wine and talking about their dating experiences. So have fun with it!

6 - Are any of you professional therapists?
No, but if you feel like paying us to listen to your problems, we’re down. JK. We are NOT down to listen to your problems--but only cause we’re HELLA busy. If you do feel like just mailing us money, we’ll take it cause we’re also HELLA broke.  But our Resident Lifestyle Guru, @abiolatv actually knows what she's talking about in the relationship arena so please please please direct questions to her in the chat! 

7 - I missed the chat this week. Do you have the confessions someplace so I can check them out?
The archives live here. 

8 - Where can I find a calendar of upcoming topics and guests? 
Check the schedule page.

9 - I’m a publicist or business manager and want to get my client booked on the chat as a Guest Host or Special Guest. What do I do?  Contact us here. 

10 - I want merch where do I get it? 
In the STORE.  Tell your friends! 

11 - Can I go on a date with you? 
Hells no! But we suggest you contact Tinder and peace be with you, cause trust, you’ll need it.

12 - How can I get in touch for business and press inquiries? 

13- I sent you an email and never heard back. 
Hopefully you’re not a bill collector! Sadly, we don’t have time to respond to all emails. Best way to be in touch is via  Twitter.  Follow us and comment. We'll see you in our mentions.