Starting February 13, 2017,  and every Monday at 11:59PM, the Afterparty turns into the KweliTV (the Black Netflix) Film Contest. It's in two parts:

 PART ONE: Each week,  a different school is eligible to participate. If you are affiliated with that school (attend, alumni, teacher) you can enter--only during your school's featured week. Eligible contestants submit a written confession to the Afterparty, based on that week's TOPIC. The confession that gets the most LIKES, gets to submit a filmed version of their confession to the Afterparty. After all the participating schools have had a chance to submit, PART TWO of the contest begins.

 PART TWO: The schools compete against each other and the best filmed confession wins. Prizes include t-shirts, stickers, free subscriptions to KweliTV and the winner gets their short film placed in KweliTV AND featured in the Reel Sisters Film Festival.  


Here are the RULES for PART ONE (Part Two Rules will be posted once Part One is complete): 




1-Submit a WRITTEN confession either using your real FB name or anonymously.

2- You cannot use a celeb's name (unless it's a funny version) as a pseudonym or in your confession

(unless it's about a celeb fantasy you had.) Do you really want Kanye coming after you? Didn't think so.

3-You cannot use real names at all in your confession, for your protection and ours. No exceptions. 

4-To submit anonymously, use this form and make up a pseudonym.

5-You can only submit during your featured school's week, starting that Monday at 11:59pm and ending the Friday of that week at 11:59pm. 

No exceptions. There will be a pinned comment in the Afterparty during your school's featured week with complete instructions.

6-You must use #YourSchoolNameWeek and #WeeklyTopic at the beginning of your confession, whether it's anonymous

or not. If you don't, you will be not entered in the contest. I REPEAT: If you don't, you will not be entered in the contest. 

For example, if Temple is the featured school, the topic that week is ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM and you're submitting a confession, 

type #TempleWeek #ElephantInTheRoom at the beginning of your confession.

7-During the week, get your friends to "like" your confession. The confession with the most "likes", wins. 

8-Winner gets bragging rights, is mentioned in the Afterparty AND during the following week's chat PLUS gets to submit a video

version of their confession that will be prominently displayed starting the week after for one full week. The video can be FB Live

or an uploaded quicktime/vimeo version (be as creative as you'd like so yes, we're ok with an all hand-puppet reenactment of your confession.) 

And all winning confessions win a chance to compete to be in PART TWO--a full-fledged film contest. 

9-Have fun with it and be super-creative!