1-You can pick a topic, but before you start, send it to Leesa (  to make sure it adheres to our style and hasn’t been done before.  Past topics include: “I Dated a Conspiracy Theorist”, “Dating Outside Your Race” and “I Dated a Celeb.” Topics should be broad-ish so other people in the chat can relate. For example, “I Dated A Guy Who Only Wore Black Pants Every Sunday” would not fly as a topic. 

2-The confession should read like a story—with a beginning, middle and end. Most are about bad dates, but that’s not a requirement. They do have to be about dating or relationships. 

3-The confession should be between 50-55 lines long.  Each line of the confession MUST have three things:

        a- It has to be 160 characters or less. While Twitter now allows 280 characters per tweet, we feel that will be too              cumbersome for people to read in this format. We strongly urge you to write your confessions in Microsoft Word              which has a character count tool so you can check each line. 

        b- It must start out with a number.

        c- It must end with the hashtag #BlerdDating . 

And it should be saved as a Word doc.  Here’s an example of part of a confession—> 

confession copy.jpg

4-When you’re done writing and formatting, send it to Leesa——so she can double-check the formatting. 




1-Each line of your confession must have a meme attached. We normally get all of our memes at

2-Once at, search for appropriate memes (versus seeing what just shows up on the page).  You don't have to do a literal search. For example, if the line of your confession was: 1-He walked in the door looking like a fool. #BlerdDating   You might search for "hell no" instead of searching for "walking in door" and see what comes up.

3-The memes should be a sort of punctuation to the line of the confession.  For example, if the first line of your confession is: 1-I hadn’t dated for a long time and it showed. #BlerdDating, you might choose this meme to attach—>


4-To assemble the memes, create a FOLDER on your laptop or desktop and save all the memes into it.

5- Giphy gives you option to save as a social media file. Do that and if it gives you the option to save it as the smallest version of itself, take that.

6-NAMING THE MEME. After you download a meme to a folder, it MUST be named. Each meme must have a number that corresponds with the line number of your confession. For example, if the line of your confession is: "1-I hadn’t dated for a long time and it showed. #BlerdDating" ,  your meme would be named: 1-crickets.gif.  Like this--->


7-Be as creative as you like and remember to have fun with it.  REMEMBER NO X-RATED WRITING OR MEMES ALLOWED. 



1-We suggest installing TweetDeck to live-tweet your confession. Here’s the link that explains how to download/set it up:

2-Leesa (@chilltownTV) will DM you to let you know when to start. Normally, confessions start around 9:05pm EST. It is crucial you are prompt. 

3-To live-tweet, simply open Tweetdeck, copy/paste each line of your confession, attach the corresponding meme and click Tweet.

4-There will be a TON of comments happening while you’re live-tweeting. DO NOT PAY ATTENTION TO THEM UNTIL AFTER YOU’RE DONE LIVE-TWEETING YOUR ENTIRE CONFESSION. Instead, just focus on live-tweeting and finishing your confession.

5-You should be done no later than 9:30pm EST. 


Any questions, ask Leesa at