The world's first Twitter storytelling chat.  We call it a Twitter stories/chat mash-up party.  Yes, *those* Twitter-stories. And because they're from a blerd POV, they're smart and funny and weird.  All of them are about dating/relationship issues. Some are deeply personal.  We call 'em "confessions" cause, well...

Some of our storytellers have had tv deals, are film directors, are journalists or novelists and some are just people who have a compelling story to tell. 

Add our guest line-up and it's like the coolest storytelling podcast you've ever heard. That you also get to be a part of. Interacting with everyone. Celebs included.  That's where the party part comes in.  And yes, we're totally inclusive so everyone's invited. 

Since launching in January 2017, we've garnered over 75 million Twitter impressions and have trended nearly every week. And we're just beginning. 

Every Monday at 9pm (EST.) 

Created by Leesa Dean ( @chilltowntv ) and inspired, in part, by The Moth,  MST3K, her compulsive need to tell stories and her crappy dating life.  

Produced and moderated by: Leesa Dean ( @chilltowntv ) and Nicole Franklin ( @nicoleedits), a filmmaker, fellow blerd and dating veteran.  

For business/media inquiries*, contact us here

To join the chat, type #BlerdDating into your Twitter search bar and you're good to go. For complete instructions on how to join/participate, go here. 

*Please do not write to us asking for dating advice. If we knew the answers, we literally would not be having this chat. #FACTS